Jim Groom


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tumblr_m8hws8Jy1i1ro2bqto1_500While playing with my kids today, I started thinking how cool it would be to do a themed version of ds106 dedicated to Dungeons & Dragons. I've been wanting to get back into D&D anyway so that my kids and I could read the early manuals, trip out on the art, design maps, build characters, and create campaigns. Done right, these tasks would make for the building blocks of an amazing ds106 course. I even have a few boxes of lead figurines I could pull out and let people paint---old school all the way. 

So what do you think? Would this be a compelling approach to digital storytelling? Way I see it, D&D provides a pretty rich universe/creative framework from within which to create. It was in many ways one of the earlier collective and participatory games I was ever a part of. And those adventure modules I bought at the Incredible Pulp (a local comic shop in Baldwin, LI) still capture some of the most imaginative play I've ever done in my mind without ever rolling the dice. Hell, we could use the 3D printer to create characters, dice, campaign elements, and more. How sick could this be?