Jim Groom

The Wire Everywhere: The Pay Phone #ds106 #wire106

I was at Westmoreland State Park with my family today and I saw a pay phone by the visitors center and immediately thought of The Wire Everywhere assignment for ds106. It's interesting how the pay phone is becoming a vestigial technology in a society where a majority of folks carry one in their pocket (in addition to an extremely powerful computer).

I love the aesthetic of the pay phone, and it's a staple of The Wire season 1, so I figured I would capture just that. It's interesting how something as ubiquitous as this technology 25 years ago has vanished in the wake of the mobile revolution. The idea of vanishing technology like the pay phone is fascinating, and the idea that Grant Potter set it up so that you could broadcast to from a pay phone back in the day was one of the most interesting marriages of old and new technologies I've ever seen.