Jim Groom

Pager Paranoia on the GIF Wire #ds106 #wire106

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This is my attempt at the "Summarize A Wire Episode In GIFs." I chose to pull six (actually seven) animated GIFs from episode 5 of Season 1 of The Wire: "The Pager." It's one of my favorite episodes because the theme of being watched and a more generalized sense of paranoia creeps into the episode constantly. 

This is one of the earlier, if not earliest, episode where we hear the refrain: "Omar's coming!" As we all know, "the cheese stands alone!" ---and he'll be coming for Avon soon.

cheese_stands_alone 01 

There's a lot of warnings in this episode, and I found an interesting parallel between Omar's raid on the East Side stash, and the young hopper's in the pit calling the warning for "5-0" that Stringer Bell and D'Angelo hear while talking about there being a snitch in D's ranks. Again, this constant sense of being watched, betrayed, and generally under someone else's control.


5-0-5-0_coming_up 01